How to Fix AdSense Low Value Content in 2024

How to Fix AdSense Low Value Content

What You Need To Know About Google AdSense

How to Fix AdSense Low Value Content

I have read some experiences on Facebook and other social media about receiving a message of low value content.

Some of them have more than 60 posts with almost 1000 words.

As beginners, you may conclude that Google AdSense requires 100 posts before they approve one’s application.

However, that is not the thing.

Now, I am telling about my experiences as a content writer of some blogs that are now with AdSense partnership.

If you want to how to fix this issue, then you are in the right track.

Obviously as what the post is, we will guide you how to fix the “low value content” issue.

How to Fix AdSense Low Value Content

The thing is, low value content doesn’t always mean that you need to have at least 100 posts with 1000 words.

Even if you have 1000 posts, if your posts are all “scratched”, Google will still deny your application.

So, how to fix low value content?

Below are ways on how to fix this “low value content”.

High-quality content and Uniqueness

One of the most important things that you need to consider in writing a post is its uniqueness.

Uniqueness or the quality of the content means that you are the one writing it.

And of course, if you write something, you have a purpose, right?

Maybe you want to entertain the readers, to persuade, or to inform them.

Obviously, if you know your purpose why you are writing, then you can prevent the low value content issue.

Thus, low value content means that the content of your blog are either cheap, scratched, or not worthy to read.

Grammar of the Content

Next, another thing you need to consider is the grammar of your content.

Google is one of best search engine in the internet and most people use Google to search for some information.

If your posts have lots of grammatical error, your readers will find your blog as unhelpful, and Google don’t want it to happen.

So, you need to be aware about the correct usage of words on your blog.

Must have at least 6 posts per category

Last but not the least, have at least 6 post per category.

Another reason why you received low value content is because you might have categories with below 6 posts.

So, if you have categories with less than 6 posts, then write more articles to make it 6.

Doing these practical ways will help you fix Google AdSense low value content.

Hope this article helps you fix Google AdSense issue.


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