How to Fix AdSense Valuable Inventory: No Content in 2023

How to Fix AdSense Valuable Inventory: No Content

What You Need To Know About Google AdSense

How to Fix AdSense Valuable Inventory: No Content

One of the common reasons why we write a blogpost is that we want to monetize it with AdSense or any advertising network.

Also, we came to our point that our site seems ready to apply for any monetization program online.

However, after how many days of waiting, you received a message from AdSense that says “Valuable Inventory: No content”.

Let us say, you have 40 posts more and yet after applying for AdSense Monetization Program, you received a disapproval.

You checked on your mail, and you received the following messages:

You need to fix some things to use AdSense

We’ve found policy violation on that are preventing your site from being approved.

Value Inventory: No Content

So, you start asking yourself what is wrong with your blog’s content.

Obviously, as what the title says, we will help you how to fix this AdSense issue.

Before we fix this Google AdSense issue, we need to know first the reasons behind this issue.

So, what does Value Inventory: No Content mean?

Value Inventory: No Content

Well, as the error shows, the issue is on your blog’s content.

It could be some of your content has no value, not a unique one, or from other sources, and perhaps from AI generated content.

Take note that Google have high standards when it comes to content creation.

So, to fix this issue, just follow the below suggestion:

Make sure that your content is a high-quality one.

Based on the message from Google, it says:

“We may not Google ads on pages or apps with little to no value and/or excessive advertising.”

Clearly, Google wants your content to be unique and has value to the readers.

So, to fix this issue, delete all copied content from the other start and write a new one.

Also, make sure that your content are free from plagiarism or have at least 80% free from plagiarism.

Additionally, if possible, please avoid using AI generated content as Google considered it as no value content.

Following the above suggestion will give you a 100% approval from AdSense.

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