How to Fix Google-served Ads on Screen Without Publisher Content in 2024

How to Fix Google-served Ads on Screen Without Publisher Content

What You Need To Know About Google AdSense

How to Fix Google-served Ads on Screen Without Publisher Content

If you are a beginner publisher or blogger that makes daily content, well, keep on writing.

In the soonest time, you will reap what you sow, and that is to become a successful blogger.

In the meantime, after writing lot of contents, you decided to become a Google AdSense publisher.

So, you start making AdSense account and set up your site monetization.

However, after two weeks of reviewing, you received a message from Google AdSense.

Your site is not ready to show ads.

We’ve found some policy violation on your site which means your site isn’t ready to show ads yet.

Google-served Ads on Screen Without Publisher Content

We do not allow Google-served ads on screens:

  • that are under construction,
  • that are used for alerts, navigation or other behavioral purposes.

Obviously, advertisers don’t want to advertise their products on a blog without written articles.

Well, you don’t need to worry about this AdSense issue because it is easy to fix.

And in this article, we will guide you on how to fix this issue.

Since we knew that Google will not display ads on posts without content, then, let us try to follow their recommendations.

Your site is “without content or with low value content”

There is a difference between without content and low value content.

Without content means that you have some published post without no content at all.

On the other hand, low value content means that your post do not have impact to the readers or simply, not helpful to them.

So, to fix this issue, check all your posts and pages and see to it that it contains content.

Also, make sure that the content of your blog is worth reading to avoid low value content.

Meaning to say, make sure that you meet what your readers try to find on your blog.

Your blogsite is under construction

There are two common reasons why your site is under construction.

First, your site is new or newly integrated or you changed your site’s server.

The second one is, your site has either posts, pages, navigations that are under construction.

So, to fix this, make sure that your site is live and properly working without server error.

Your site used for alerts, navigation or other behavioral purposes.

Obviously, the common reason of this issue is when you are using pre-installed theme or demo content.

If you are using demo content, make sure that you edit everything.

For example on the alerts, some templates contain button like “JOIN NOW” and when readers click that link, they are redirected to another site that is not related to yours.

This means, your alert’s button is something deceiving your readers to do an action that is irrelevant to what they are looking.

Another, on the navigation, make sure that your navigation menu is for easy to use or navigate from one content to another content.

So, make sure that you redirects your readers to a proper content of your site and not from other sites.

Indeed, it is very important that when you provide links to your readers, make sure that the links are helpful and not deceitful.

To conclude, following the above solutions will help you fix your “Google-served Ads on Screen Without Publisher Content” issue.


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