Best Ideas on How to Get 100% AdSense Monetization Approval

Get 100% AdSense Monetization Approval

AdSense Monetization Approval

Get 100% AdSense Monetization Approval

Are you a content blogger and looking forward to monetize your blog with Google AdSense?

Obviously, one of the reasons why you land here is because you want to know how to monetize your blog, isn’t it?

Then, you made a right decision to visit here as we will guide you how to do it.

Take note that the idea I am going to share are absolutely based on my experiences as content writer.

To begin, you don’t need to be techy, as my guide is for beginner bloggers.

How to Get 100% AdSense Monetization Approval

So, the question that we want to answer is, how can we get a 100% AdSense approval on the first attempt?

Make a high-quality content

This is the meat of your blog, the content that AdSense is evaluating.

When AdSense finds out that you’re just copying your content from other website, they will reject your application.

Now, to make a high-quality content, be sure that all ideas are came from your mind and not from anybody else.

Maybe you will ask, Can I use AI generator for my content, like the premium one?

Well, take a look what high-quality-content means.

If you will use AI generated content, do you think it is only you who used that content?

Obviously no, right?

So, your content will be considered as low-quality content or no value at all.

Moreover, high-quality content also mean that it is free from plagiarism.

However, it is not possible to have more likely ideas with other writers, right?

But don’t worry, AdSense don’t require a content to be 100% free from plagiarism.

They will still accept content with at least 80% free from plagiarism.

Make at least 10 post or more

Maybe you have read some articles saying that you need at least 30 or more posts before applying to AdSense.

Some also say that your post must be at least 1000 words per article.

Nevertheless, that is not how AdSense works to their soon-to-be publishers.

You can get a 100% approval with AdSense if you have at least 10 contents or more with at least 300 words per article.

However, if you will make a content in category, make sure that each category have at least 6 articles to avoid “low value content”.

Be sure that your navigation menu are working and redirected user to exact page

One of the reasons why some newbies get a rejection letter from AdSense is because of deceptive navigation menu or bar.

Let us say, your content is about English Grammar, then you put in your navigation menu a text about grammar also.

However, when they clicked that text, they redirected to another content as opposed to the text.

So, don’t do this to your readers, as you are misleading them.

Your blog must have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service/Conditions pages

Google AdSense wants to protect the readers’ privacy on your blog.

So, they require each publisher to have Privacy Policy and TOS pages on their blog.

The good thing here is that, you can use AI generated content for these two pages.

However, make sure to delete the part where it says, this content is created with the help of…

Indeed, these are some of the ways on how to have a 100% approval rate in first attempt with AdSense.

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