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Manulife Educational Plan

Manulife Educational Plan

When it comes to our loved ones especially the young ones, it is very important to have an educational plan.

Of course, we are in a world that is full of uncertainty and that, we don’t know what the future brings about.

So, as parents, we don’t want that our children will suffer adversity.

Thus, securing their future must be our top most priority.

Ideally, Manulife, an insurance company is here and ready to help you to make an educational plan about your children.

Manulife Educational Plan

Manulife, an insurance company, offers various educational plans aiming to help parents secure the future of their children.

Also, these plans include investment or savings that can be used to cover some educational expenses like books, tuitions, dormitory, gadgets for educational purposes, etc.

However, these plans may not available in all countries.

Some countries may have a specific plan, while other may not, depends on the available services in 

However, Manulife Educational Plans may not be available to all countries as it may depends on some factors like the availablity of services, specific rules and regulations.

Depending on areas, some countries may have specific offers that may not be available in the country where you are living in.

Common Features of Manulife Educational Plans

1. Regular Contribution

As the term itself, this feature requires regular contributions, a payment contribution over a set period of time.

Moreover, this approach will help you to become disciplined in building up the educational funds of your children.

2. Investment Options

One of the education plans that Manulife offers is the “investment option.”

Furthermore, this plan allows you to choose the level of risk (risk tolerance) you are comfortable with, your investment objective (goal), and the potential to earn ROI (return on investment) from your contributions.

3. Flexibility

Manulife offers flexibility plan.

Well, this means that you can adjust your contributions and its frequency (either monthly, weekly, etc.) based on your financial capacity.

4. Tax Benefits

This Manulife plan depends on the country where you are in and specific regulations.

Thus, this plan allows you to qualify for tax benefits which can be used as additional savings.

5. Education Support

Manulife may also provide educational or learning materials, resources and tools just to help you plan your child’s education.


If you are planning for your child’s educational plan, always read and review the terms and conditions of the educational plan offered by the company like the Manulife or any other financial institutions that offer educational plan.


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