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What is Manulife Insurance

Manulife Health Insurance

Manulife Health Insurance

Life is one of the most precious and valuable things in the world.

That is why, we do everything just to have a healthy and comfortable life.

However, what the future brings is beyond our control.

All of us are prone to illnes and no one is exemptend of this phenomenon.

And of course, treatment requires resources like money for medicines, consultations, follow check-ups, etc.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have the capacity to send themselves nor their family members to the hospital due to financial constraint or perhaps the government don’t have enough resources.

So, before this uncertain event happens, we need to do something.

Why not let others pay our medical expenses like hospitalization, surgery, medicines, etc.?

Maybe you are thinking if it is possible, right?

Well, the answer is a big YES! 

And you need to have a health insurance plan!

Manulife Health Insurance Plan

Manulife Health Insurance is a type of insurance that is designed to help individuals and families manage themselves against healthcare expenses.

This means that Manulife Health Insurance will cover your medical bills, medications, surgeries, and any other related healthcare services.

Well, some government offers healthcare services for free but sometimes, their healthcare services are limited and may not fully cover all treatmens.

So, to lessen our burden on medical expenses, it is very important to have a health insurance plan.

Different insurance companies offer different healthcare plans, and below are some of the healthcare programs that Manulife Health Insurance may cover.

1. Hospitalization

This program covers expenses hospital fees like the number of days you are in the hospital (hospital stays) which includes room and board, nursing care and other related hospital services.

2. Medical Services

A program which covers expenses like consultation, diagnostic or laboratory tests, check-ups, and any other related medical services,

3. Prescription Drugs

A program which covers medications or medical treatments prescribed by doctors or any healthcare specialists.

4. Dental Care

This covers expenses related to dental like dental examinations, cleanings, and any other related dental care services.

5. Vision Care

This program covers expenses related to eyes like eye examination, cleaning, corrective glasses, and any other related vision care services.

6. Paramedical Services

This program covers expenses related to paramedical services like physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc.

7. Medical Equipment and Supplies

This includes medical equipments and supplies like surgical equipments, ventilators, centrifuge, etc.

8. Travel Insurance

This program covers expenses when medical treatment requires the policyholder to travel outside the country.

9. Critical Illness Coverage

A program that covers critical illnesses like cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, surgeyry, etc.


These are just some of the coverage the Manulife Health Insurance offers to its policyholder.

However, it is very important to read and review their policy program so that you are aware about the inclusions and exclusions of the program and how health insurance plan works.

Also, you may opt to consult a licensed insurance advisor so that you can discuss and help to decide which plan meets needs based on your budget.


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