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What is Manulife Insurance

Manulife Insurance Plans

Manulife Insurance Plans

Manulife Financial Corporation or known as Manulife is a top-leading companies in the world that offers products and services like insurance, investment retirement solution, and also wealth management.

The company was established in 1887 and their financial products and services is based in Canada.

According to Manulife, running for more than 120 years, they already established offices in 91 countries and territories such as in United States, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, etc.

And now, we will give a short description about their insurance products.

Common Manulife Insurance Plans (may vary every country)

1. Life Insurance

This insurance is designed to help lessen the burden when one of their members in the family passes away.

When this happen, beneficiary/ies will receive death benefit or lump sum that can be used for funeral costs, etc.

2. Health Insurance

This type of insurance offers wide range of health coverage and is designed to cater policyholder needs.

This plan covers different options link critical illness insurance, disability insurance, hospitalization, surgery, etc.

3. Travel Insurance

This plan also offers wide range of coverage for traveller to have peace of mind and free from worries when they are far away from their home or may be have an out of the country appointments.

Typically, this plan may covers medical emergencies that requires transportation (can be from one country to another), trip cancellation or delay especially when the weather is bad, lost or damaged baggage, etc.

4. Education

This type of plan is designed to help parents plan the future of their children.

Typically, this educational plan covers expenses related to education like tuition fees, books, learning resources, etc.

5. Retirement

This plan is designed to help individuals plan for their financial security in the future especially during their retirement years.

During the retirement years, individuals or policyholders will receive a lump sum that can be used as stream of income that will generate income over a period of time.


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