What is Manulife Insurance – The Best Insurance Provider

What is Manulife Insurance – The Best Guide

What is Manulife

What is Manulife Insurance

Introduction to Insurance:

When people heard the word “insurance”, a lot of misconception ideas came on their minds such as follows:

  1. Generally, they think that insurance is only for wealthy people or individual.
  2. They don’t need insurance yet since they are healthy and young.
  3. Some think that insurance is a waste of money especially if you were not able to file a claim, you can’t get your money.
  4. Additionally, they think that insurance companies always denies claims.
  5. Moreover, they rely on Government Assistance.

So, these are just some of the misconception that some people think about insurance.

However, if we dig more about what insurance really is, we will understand why it is very important to have an insurance.

What is insurance?

According to Grange Insurance, “insurance” is a financial safety net that will help us to recover from sudden loss when something bad happen in the future.

Also, insurance will give us financial security and peace of mind by transferring the burden of potential losses to the company where we are insured.

For instance, when calamity hits us or an an accident, we’ve been able to recover from it since we are insured.

Additionally, what if one of our family members dies and we don’t have enough resources for the burial, if that person is insured, we can file a claim to get financial support from the insurance company.

And this is true, because what future brings about is beyond our control.

Thus, this is how insurance works in our lives.

Types of Insurance

What are the types of insurance?

Generally, there are many types of insurance that we can apply depends on our needs.

Life Insurance

  • This type of insurance will give us financial protection in the event of death.

Health Insurance:

  • A type of insurance that will help us recover from medical expenses.

Auto Insurance:

  • A type of insurance that protects you from accidents or damage to vehicles.

Homeowners Insurance:

  • An insurance that safeguards your homes and belongings when something happens like fire, theft, and natural events or disasters.

Business Insurance:

  • A type of insurance that will protect your business from various risks like property damage, liability, and interruption of operations.


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